From a simple property marketplace to become a leading builder for getting affordable yet upscale real estate solutions in Bahria Town Karachi, the journey of Z&A Real Estates is truly inspirational and praiseworthy. Founded in 2012, we have transformed real estate developments into a trustworthy and consumer-friendly relationship, where homebuyers can attain their dreams with conviction and confidence. Z&A Real Estates has always been instrumental in developing premium real estate projects with world-class technology, material, and architecture to take care of every single need for residential, commercial, and mixed-use purposes. These projects are marvels of exquisite planning where quality meets consistency, modernity meets aesthetics and passion meets perfection. The foundation of Z&A Real Estates is set on values, experience, and culture. Our management style is consultative and systematic, while construction patterns are dynamic and progressive. However, both always strongly emphasize detailings and research-based methodologies. That enables us to maintain an impeccable reputation based on quality and integrity.

Z&A Real Estates achieve a milestone of becoming a Pvt. Ltd firm. considering this achievement, Our website needs to be updated every now and then to ensure your company is ahead of the curve, so does our logo. We ensure our logo is adapting to those changes. We need simplified variations of our logo for social media avatars, etc

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